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What do I enjoy most about working in a Retail Pharmacy?

I love the fact that I am able to help my patient/customer in several ways. Not only am I helping someone feel better by preparing their medication(s), but I am also able to simply put a smile on their face. We might not know what a person is going through that day when we interact with him/her but being able to make them smile can brighten their entire day. To me, that means everything.

I also love that I am able to save my patient/customer money. If a customer would come into the pharmacy without insurance, I would find a discount card and see if I could save them additional money. If a patient did have insurance and they were prescribed a brand name medication, I would check the internet to see if it was a savings/copay assistance card available that I could use to bill along with their insurance. A savings card is normally used to help patients who are prescribed a brand name medication and they have a commercial or private insurance plan. A savings card will help reduce the cost of their copay.

This is just a couple of things that made me proud to be a Pharmacy

Technician while working in a retail pharmacy!

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