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Patrice Quick, CPhT

Kernersville Pharmacy


Interesting Fact about Patrice:

Patrice doesn't mind going to the movie theatre alone. One of her hobbies consist of watching and collecting DVD's.

"Being an Essential Worker and a Super Mom During COVID-19”

Patrice is currently a compounding pharmacy technician at a neighborhood pharmacy. She has been a Certified Pharmacy Technician since 2010 working in a variety of settings as a retail, long term care, IV admixture and compounding pharmacy technician. 


Being a pharmacy technician has opened up many doors that has benefited her educationally and financially. Not only for herself, but her family as well.  


When she is not working at the pharmacy, she is a SUPER MOM to her 3 beautiful children and a Graduate student in Secondary Education.


Q: How does Patrice feel about being an essential worker during COVID-19?


Patrice: I have been blessed to still have a job during this pandemic. It is a blessing to come into work each day and feel safe and secure with my job. Of course the pandemic has slowed down my workload some, but not by much. My job closed their doors to the public for a month or so and only provided services through the drive-thru and weekday delivery runs. Our customers have been so nice and patient with us.  We make sure that we are understanding, patient and reliable to our customers during this time.  They know that we are dedicated to keeping them healthy while we are doing everything that we can the best way we know how. 


Being surrounded by a great team and having a great company you are employed with during this time is so needed.  We wear mask daily and are very open and honest about our whereabouts and wellness.  I come into work safe and healthy and I get to go home to my babies that way as well. 

We haven’t missed a beat here at Kernersville Pharmacy!


Being an essential worker and a healthcare professional is truly a rewarding career. I know that it’s not always easy. Technicians don’t often get to much praise but please know you are all much appreciated.  I hope you are lucky enough to work at a place where they show you the love and thanks you deserve! But, I must brag and say I have found my happy place as a compounding pharmacy technician at Kernersville Pharmacy.

Technicians help save lives too, so always remember that! Our community depends on us, and that truly makes me proud during this time.

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